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Graphical representation showing the key elements involved in regaining and keeping proper fluid balance after physical activity. ECF stands for extracellular fluid.

Dehydration caused by exercise

The current research on post-exercise fluid restoration and maintenance after dehydration caused by exercise. The importance of replenishing fluid loss is highlighted for athletes and recreational exercisers, especially for those who will be exercising again later in the day. The article covers different aspects of fluid replacement such as the volume, rate, and composition of fluid ingested. It states that the volume of fluid consumed should be greater than the amount lost during exercise to maintain fluid balance, but drinking large amounts of plain water quickly leads to urination, hindering the maintenance of fluid balance. The addition of sodium to rehydration solution is beneficial in maintaining fluid balance. Similarly, macronutrients like carbohydrates and proteins can influence fluid absorption and distribution, positively impacting fluid balance. The impact of alcohol and food on fluid balance after exercise is also discussed. The article suggests that future research should focus on finding the optimal rate and type of fluid to be ingested during different recovery periods.

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