Low Carb Cauliflower Salad with Protein Chips

Welcome to our latest recipe video featuring a delicious and healthy twist on a classic dish – Low Carb Cauliflower Salad with Protein Chips. In this recipe, we’re swapping out traditional potatoes for cauliflower, and adding some extra protein and crunch with the help of Quest Ranch Tortilla Style Protein Chips. The result is a guilt-free and satisfying salad that’s perfect for a light dinner or a side dish at your next barbecue. Follow along as we show you step-by-step how to make this flavorful and nutritious dish.


1 head cauliflower, cut into small pieces

2 hard boiled eggs, chopped

2 green onions

1/2 cup celery, chopped

1/3 cup mayonnaise

2 tbsp dijon mustard

1 bag Ranch Tortilla Style Protein Chips, crushed into fine crumbles

salt and pepper to taste

To prepare the cauliflower, cook it in boiling water until it becomes tender for around 8-10 minutes. Once cooked, drain and let it cool. Then, place the cooled cauliflower, along with celery, onion, and boiled eggs into a mixing bowl and mix gently. In a separate bowl, combine mayonnaise, dijon mustard, Quest chip crumbles, salt, and pepper, and add the mixture to the mixing bowl with the veggies. Toss everything until it’s coated evenly and then cover and chill until ready to serve.

We hope you enjoyed learning how to make our Low Carb Cauliflower Salad with Protein Chips recipe. With its fresh and crunchy vegetables, hard-boiled eggs, and savory protein chips, this salad is a delicious and healthy option for anyone looking to watch their carb intake.

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